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Software consulting company specialising in SAP Software that understands your business vision and provides solutions of your potential. We listen to your ideas and make them happen. 

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Software consulting company that understands business


Build scalable software aligned with your business needs

We believe that teamwork is dreamwork; we ensure to align your visions with the software development process to take every project to a whole new level of success. We are future-oriented and willing to think outside the box. Our software solutions are customised to optimise your business operations for better productivity. 

Our mission is to bridge the gap between IT and business to help you gain a better insight into your company’s technological potential. We are a software development company that uses a human-to-human model – we create interconnected business environments where ideas, innovation and business practices go hand in hand. 

Our software development process follows a business-oriented approach to drive productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction. Whether it’s about a new idea, clear coding, custom development, or deployment, we’ll back you up with reliability and agility. 

You ask, we deliver! It’s that simple.

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Development, support, guidance and training in your S/4HANA journey

Mobile Applications

Design, development, roll-out and maintenance of user-centric mobile applications.

Web Applications

Development of comprehensive and functional applications with intuitive user experience and exceptional speed of operations.

Software Integrations

Seamless integrations of complex software without interrupting the existing code base to give your business a proper IT boost.

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Why Entrust Us With Software Development

We build affirmative software partnerships, not projects!

We are not just another software development company muddled in the business world. We live and breathe innovation; we know that the software development industry demands consistently anticipating and identifying the right software solutions for businesses as digital transformation keeps happening. 

Pragmatic by nature and effective by design, we combine a future-oriented approach to technology with a business-oriented mindset. We are experts at software development, but we do not limit our work to a merely technological dimension: we create solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into the business structures. With many successful projects under our belt, we are ready for new challenges and partnerships.


Discover our success stories

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Rest Cent

Idea to Product
End-to-end design, development, testing and maintenance of an E-commerce charity donation platform. Integrated with online shops to support good causes
AvoTechs was involved in this project right from the start. Assisting the founders of Rest-Cent with the right choice of technologies and design was crucial in the success of the project. The platform is fully hosted on Amazon AWS and was built using Node.js with Nest.js, React.js, PHP, MySQL and various AWS Services like RDS, S3, CloudWatch, Cognito, EC2, SNS and more.
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Mobile Application
Design and development of a nutrition calculator mobile application for medical practitioners to find the best nutritious fit for their patients.
Nutricia knew what they wanted but they were not sure how to bring their ideas to life. UX & UI experts at AvoTechs worked together with Nutricia to come up with the design of a new mobile application. Continuous collaboration throughout the development process helped us optimise the application before it was even released. The use of React-Native helped to save the additional effort and release the app on both iOS and Android while maintaining a single code-base.
Emil und Greta Company logo

Emil & Greta

System Integrations
Integration of a modern E-commerce store with a classical file-based ERP System to exchange warehouse stocks across multiple warehouses in real time.
In this project, we were tasked with building a solution to exchange information on warehouse stocks between multiple plants and a newly built e-commerce store. The project started shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic burst and a timely solution was needed. Emil & Greta were aiming to move most of their business online within weeks, not months and AvoTechs helped them achieve their aim.
Logo of Swiss Liniger, one of AvoTechs' customers

Swiss Liniger

Observe to improve
Consulting services which turned into a long-lasting relationship and continuous improvement of daily processes
AvoTechs was first tasked to advise in the area of software integration which was already driven by another company. Our expertise was so appreciated that in the end, we ended up taking over the entire topic of integration between BaseLinker and WF-Mag. We built a solution which turned a 4-hour-per-day activity into a 1-minute automated process. Additionally, we enabled B2B customers of Swiss Liniger to access exclusive deals in a dedicated B2B platform.

What others say about our software expertise

We impress our clients with our optimistic and passionate attitude. We practice a mature learning culture to arm our team with ruling technologies so they can take on any project with confidence. For this reason, many companies choose to trust us, and we always strive to deliver on our promises.

See how we lured them to swear by our software solutions.

Our thoughts on Software

Advantages of software development for your business

With our vast expertise in technology stack: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP Node.js, React.js, React Native, AWS, etc., we build futuristic solutions tailored to your unique needs. Striving for excellence, we always keep up with the changing technology and look for optimal solutions followed by a result-oriented approach. We know that every business demands uniqueness, so we personalise our software solutions to the individual needs of our clients to help them generate business value. We make sure to build scalable software that can help companies move forward towards the digital future with confidence.
The most effective software is never disconnected from the business strategy, but it fits like a puzzle with its entire operational infrastructure. At AvoTechs, we have a business-oriented approach to software development, and we create solutions to tackle complex business problems with ease. We place great importance on collaboration to ensure that our clients are involved in all stages of software development.
We listen to your ideas carefully to generate a model that transforms your ideas to life, with all the little details. We believe that collaboration drives excellence, and with our combined efforts, we can create software, which will put your company among the digital elite. Many companies choose not to involve their clients in the software development process, but we understand that no one better knows your projects than you do. We involve you at every stage of the software development process to better understand your needs. Our goal is to create solutions that will perfectly fit into your company’s infrastructure and help drive sales and productivity.
Our services cover anything from mobile and web applications, SAP services, and system integrations to maintenance of your existing solutions. We believe in the conviction that adaptation to change and innovation drive businesses forward. We create flexible software solutions involving strategic business thinking and a clear business objective. Our aim is to create an innovative digital architecture that can continue to serve your needs as your business grows. With our team of passionate software experts, we create possibilities out of obstacles; we have a solution for all your business problems.
One of the most important advantages of software development is connected with security. Hackers are constantly refining their skills, and without fully optimised cloud software, your business security is threatened. Since every business has different security blind spots, cloud software can save you from a financial loss more easily. Plus, it also ensures that your customers’ data is secure because trust is the hottest social currency of today. If you fail to ensure data security, you will face financial and social repercussions. Developing your own cloud software can be simply an investment in your data and reputation protection.
In the digital era, anything that optimises the performance of your platform and services is guaranteed to generate a great return on investment. Custom software development automates your business processes, optimises productivity, and boosts the cost-effectiveness of all your operations. Not only does it lower all your costs, but it also saves you time, which is the ultimate deal for most companies.

With optimised business processes, the scalability of your business instantly goes up. Moreover, you can easily integrate new solutions with the emergence of technologies, which eventually saves you money and boosts your technical flexibility. In addition, custom software speeds up the load time and improves user experience (UX), putting you in the good graces of your users. Our custom-made software can help you unlock your company’s full potential and take advantage of the possibilities offered by the latest technologies.

A good software development company should be able to suggest which solution would best fit your business objective. The entire process of software development should be a constant dialogue between your company and software developers. When you hire a software development company, make sure that developers understand your business strategy and long-term goals. If you want to take full advantage of technological innovation, opt for software that supports your vision and aligned with your business processes.
We are here to guide you and determine which technology can help you reach your goals the fastest. Trust us — we are experts in transforming complex business ideas into seamless software and applications. Stage by stage, we will take you through the process of web development and make sure to implement your ideas in the most effective ways. We value transparent communication and strive to establish good relationships with our partners: our mission is to create great software that can bring both companies and customers enormous value and great satisfaction. Our main direction? Smart innovation!

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