Web Application Development Services

Bring your innovative business ideas to fruition with our secure and scalable web applications. Our exceptional tech stack ensures responsive apps that align with your customers’ needs and your current business requirements to build your competitive advantage. We develop custom apps by focusing on the core idea and functionality, paying attention to its convenience, and keeping the UX/UI quality at a supreme level. If you aren’t that much into tech, we can help you decide what technology makes the most sense for your unique web application.

It refers to software or a program that can be run over HTTPS from a web server to a web browser. These applications are called web because they have the website as the interface (the ‘front-end’), and users can access them from any computer connected to the Internet or Intranet. 

The term “WEB” does not mean that it has to be made publicly available; web applications can be deployed in company networks, run on various devices instead of a stand-alone computer, and launch within seconds. They keep all the necessary information on the servers, which can be retrieved to show it to the user. A typical example of a web application is  Google Apps.

Web applications are superior to desktop apps because of the following reasons:

  • Allow automatic updates.
  • No need for installation.
  • They are cost-efficient and secure.
  • You don’t need a stand-alone computer; web applications can be accessed from anywhere and any device.
  • Web apps eat up significantly less processing power than desktop apps due to advanced technologies used to build them – they provide speed and robustness.
  • They are easier to maintain as they use the same code for all devices.
  • You can access them offline. Despite being run over HTTPS, they are designed to work without an internet connection. They may have saved information locally for later presentation or saved user information locally and synchronised it with a server with internet access.

The past decade has seen desktop applications declining in favour of web-based or browser-based applications because users don’t feel that the process of downloading and installing a product is as flawless as instantly operating online. 

Desktop applications are developed for and installed on a particular operating system and limited by the hardware on which they are run. The user also needs to update the applications manually while the system may require some hardware upgrades to work. This hardware dependence and the legacy of mainframe terminal applications have limited the complexity of user interfaces for desktop applications.

Web applications are gaining ground in the business working models to give an upper hand and ease of work. They are more reminiscent of the mainframe application. They use the web browser, work across multiple platforms and screen sizes, have rapid processing speed and virtually infinite storage space. They help companies better interact with customers and employees, save time, and fetch maximum results at a modest budget. 

Web applications allow “thin clients” (whose machines have limited hardware capabilities) to access complex applications from a centralised infrastructure. In addition, the multimedia capabilities of web apps allow developers to create interactive, media-rich user interfaces. 

We Build Majestic Web Applications for Smart Businesses

We use pre-built and tested code blocks to create the most outstanding apps effortlessly in less time. Our developers and designers keep up with the latest technologies to ensure quick app upgrades and bugless operation on the front-end and backend layers.

Adaptable apps - One code, different devices

We build applications for a hybrid solution of a desktop app that should work on various devices. We use one main codebase to build custom web applications that work on multiple devices - desktop, tablet, mobile.

Deep algorithmic expertise

Our team has deep algorithmic expertise and unique competencies that go far beyond typical web development. We work with battle-tested technologies to develop large-scale web applications that utilise advanced data processing algorithms to power its features. Our apps can cater to the needs of both emerging startups and established corporations.

Incredibly affordable

We are affordable but not cheap. Our developers are cost-efficient and client-oriented. We have the best programmers to tackle all sorts of complex projects at a price that is impossible to come by in hiring an in-house team, significantly decreasing development costs.

Rich features

We can develop user-facing elements of the app and produce an environment for everything the user interacts with. We create different functionalities on the server side and also ensure that the client-side of the apps works fine.


Our apps are scalable, which means we can simply scale the developed apps up and down, depending on your business needs or customers' feedback. Our apps can better align with your customers' needs and your current business requirements.

Quality assurance

Our created apps are very detail-oriented. We always ensure that they run smoothly on all devices and within all variants before presenting them to the end-user.

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Engage with Our Team of Developers Who Are A Melting Pot Of Brilliance

When you decide to hire a web development team in Poland, AvoTechs will help you gain the best of both worlds. Our developers have a vantage point in simplifying complex web applications with the best user experience. At AvoTechs, you’ll have the chance to collaborate with a team of abstract thinkers, visionary designers, ingenious developers, and dedicated project managers who share ethical business values. 

Our programmers have a solid educational background in IT and are incredibly competent in creating custom web applications. We offer backend modernisation, cloud connection, upgrade existing front-ends, and improve app performance. We assign a dedicated team for each project because we believe that a well-matched team is a guarantee of success. 

At AvoTechs, we’ll make your ideas bloom.

Web Applications Solutions At AvoTechs

Our trailblazing application solutions will help you achieve your business goals no matter what industry you work in: e-learning, media, e-commerce, innovations, healthcare, lifestyle, enterprise solutions, etc.

We write your battle plan in codes to help you conquer the market. Discover the possibilities our app development services can bring to your business.

  • Modern web portals
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Project management portal
  • Static web apps
  • Dynamic web apps
  • E-commerce apps
  • Enterprise solutions
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We Have Equipped Our Clients with Impeccable Full-stack Engineering

AvoTechs has a team of engaged communicators and dedicated problem-solvers regardless of time constraints. We understand the project inside and out, manage them end-to-end, and complete challenging projects on time. 

When we say we are Creative, Visionary, Logical, and Artistic, we mean it and always deliver on our promise. 


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Why Choose AvoTechs for Web Application Development?

AvoTechs believes that satisfaction and trust are essential for building long-term business partnerships. We follow best business practices to ensure that our collaboration goes smoothly. At AvoTechs, we embrace:

  • High end-user adaptation
  • Agile development process
  • Full-stack engineering
  • User-friendly and beautiful UI/UX
  • Rapid design prototyping
  • Client-oriented team for each project -analyst, PM, programmers, designers, testers
  • Modest development rates

Let’s create a great app together!

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No. Websites and web applications are two different things. Web applications are software programs stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet through a browser interface. A website consists of a single web page or a collection of web pages that provides visual and text content for users to view and read. It requires a web browser to run. Amazon and YouTube are examples of websites, while Google Apps are examples of web applications.

First, you need to contact us and share your ideas. We will then gauge your objectives from your app idea and review your current processes, environment, and project feasibility as per your requested time and budget. After the initial brainstorming phase, we will create a wire-frame and design infrastructures with functionalities that match your requirements. Once you feel satisfied with our plan, we’ll move to the next stages of development.

The web app development cost is not fixed because each app has its complexities. The price may vary with respect to a simple web app and a complex project with a follow-up modification plan. Contact us to discuss pricing estimates.
It takes 4.5 months (on average) to build a front-end application and a backend infrastructure. For enterprise solutions, it might take a few more months. At Avotechs, we use ready-made modules and one code base for application development, so it might take 3.5 months to complete a project with customisation.