Software Development Services

We take your business on the verge of a high-tech breakthrough with a mature software development methodology. At AvoTechs, you’ll explore unparalleled software solutions built with technical expertise, exceptional user experience, and well-tuned business logic. Our services will expedite your processes and free up your time so you can focus on expanding your business.

Overview of offered Services

Mobile application development

Web application development



Dedicated SAP Services

Why AvoTechs?

If you seek growth, you need innovative and scalable software solutions that deliver maximum value as your business grows. At AvoTechs, we provide full-spectrum software development services that solve real business requirements. Before taking any custom software project, we focus on user stories to gauge the long-term business value. 

We analyse the challenges faced by your target audience, evaluate the project scope, brainstorm ideas and identify the exemplary software architecture, modules and interfaces before development. Once the software is deployed, we consider errors, check security, performance, compatibility and provide necessary updates and maintenance.

At AvoTechs, we guarantee the quality, timely delivery and coherent communication to build long-term relationships with our clients. We also keep our clients apprised regarding any new advancements in technology to help them achieve an elite level of competence.

You decide how you want the experts at AvoTechs to get involved

Take over the implementation
Provide support for your team
Consultation on demand

Mobile Application Development

We own a magic touch in building mobile applications with euphoric user experiences. We identify your organisational goals, create an information architecture with user stories, make multiple sprints to illustrate functionalities, and engage you throughout the process of your mobile application development project. 

We build fully native apps, iOS apps, and android applications with native UI components for startups, SMEs and Enterprises. Just share your app idea, and we’ll create pleasant mobile experiences to engage your customers with your brand.

Web Application Development

Optimise your business processes and efficiently deal with operational and technological challenges with functional, interactive and secure web applications. At AvoTechs, we build robust applications with one main codebase that works on multiple devices – desktop, tablet, mobile. We use advanced programming languages to build interactive web apps with smooth operation, scalability, and speed in mind. 

Our Web application development solutions include:

  • Enterprise Web Systems
  • Web Portals
  • Intelligent Bot Apps
  • ETL Solutions
  • Content Management Systems and many others.

Software Integration

Infuse value in your existing system by integrating all your software applications (old and new) into a unified system that will be a good omen for business growth. Our developers can smoothly handle everything from incorporating multiple data types on disparate systems to consolidating complex business processes to ensure a seamless flow. They keep abreast of the latest technologies to overcome software integration challenges – from development and testing to deployment. 

We optimise our clients’ work from 4 hours per day to less than 1 minute. It’s high time to expand possibilities with our software integration services and see how far you can reach in your industry.

  • Microservices, Monolith, serverless system integration
  • Cloud or on-premise
  • Custom-built extensions or re-use of existing
  • E-commerce integration with in-house software
  • Exchange data between systems

Software consulting

Transforming an idea into paragon software is no easy task in today’s competitive era – the risks that people won’t like or care about are substantial. It’s imperative to connect with experts who can provide their creative input to uncover gaps and possibilities and serve as a catalyst throughout the stages of the software development journey: brainstorming, design, architecture, project setup, testing.

At AvoTechs, we provide software consulting services to clients for strategic decision-making and improvement of their operative processes. We can work as a technical link between business and developers, manage implementation projects to take the burden off the client’s shoulders, and provide dedicated software consultants for every project.

Image showing a person pointing at a trend line suggesting business growth


SAP is a lot like a nervous system on which the economy of every organisation is running. It’s essential for businesses to easily handle key functions (finance, supply chain, manufacturing, procurement, HR, and customer relationships) that touch every aspect of the company. With our SAP dedicated services, you can bring intelligence into your organisation’s core functionalities and make them more resilient. 

AvoTechs helps you enjoy a coherent SAP experience and tackle business transformation challenges smoothly. We have a super-intelligent and humble SAP dedicated team specialising in SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Technology Platform.

AvoTechs successfully fulfilled all the project objectives and timelines. Receptive and patient, the team accommodated the client’s concerns and feedback, modifying the deliverables as requested. Overall, their punctuality, communication skills, professionalism, and understanding stood out the most.

Project & Marketing Manager

Many businesses employ a mix of software solutions because they are cost-effective and perform well. Still, once they expand their operations, they feel the need to incorporate scalable software that gives them complete control over the increasing complexity. When you work with AvoTechs, our team will be more than happy to guide you. With an in-depth understanding of your company’s technological potential, we will create a roadmap for cloud software that can manage multiple operations without any intricacies. Our custom programming solutions will improve your operational efficiencies and help you achieve goals faster than ever. You can be sure that when the time comes for you to work with AvoTechs, our team will provide the best software development service possible.

We’ll guide you once the software is deployed – our support and maintenance will assist you whenever you are in trouble. You can contact us anytime.

Yes, absolutely! We will involve you at each stage of the development lifecycle. We will show you multiple sprints of your idea and ask for your feedback – if it looks good to you or not.

A dedicated, custom CRM software offers a myriad of benefits, such as: 

  • Customer Data Management – Collect, store, classify, and sync data from multiple sources and create an integrated dataset to power customer experiences. With a personalised CRM, you can target high-value customers and create segments based on digital engagement, context, buyer journey phase, third-party data, and more.
  • Send behavioural messages – Address each individual in context and lead to action via web and smartphone. And leverage real-time behavioral and contextual data to deliver welcome messages, countdown timers, gamification pop-ups, geo-based offers, and lead capture overlays.

Testing and Optimisation – Our software engineers and developers design unique CRM solutions that best match corporate objectives. We can create, measure, and manage multivariate, split A / B / n URL tests and other statistical tests by optimising content, recommendations, notifications, overlays, and more, across the web, mobile apps, and email.