Software Integration Services

AvoTechs focuses on developing one cohesive system based on your business model to bring collective potential, streamlined processes, enhanced functionality, and improved security across your software stack. If your systems fail to communicate with each other properly, your business will be at risk. We’ll assess your existing software to identify what must be retired, re-engineered, and integrated with new software to add maximum value. Our integration services will help you achieve all that is pivotal for your company’s growth in the most cost-effective way.

The process of unifying software parts (also called subsystems) into one system to solve the problem of isolated data is known as software integration. Integrated systems demonstrate better performance and greater functional significance compared to the sum of independent ones. 

There are four types of software integration that help companies get their data syncing between all the different tools and applications they use.

  • API integration(code-based): can make life a lot easier. It helps enterprises get flexibility and handle individual connections without disturbing third-party software. 
  • Webhooks(event-based): also known as HTTP callbacks. It links applications using programming modules within each subsystem that are triggered by third-party services. Webhooks provide real-time data at any time with quick updates.
  • Integration Services Components (ISC): Server-based integration connects local management tools and allows data access without importing large files. If the business has cloud access to data within the web service, ISC can integrate systems to provide greater efficiency. 
  • Orchestration Systems: The most automated integrators aim to consolidate repeated processes to improve production and information flow. It automates multiple software and processes together, so users can connect with any service to access data and manage all involved systems simultaneously.

Integrating disjointed software solutions is a challenge for many companies. Most applications in their enterprise system architecture are not connected with each other, resulting in small islands of data. 

These diverse systems may also encounter a dearth of incompatibility issues that affect the correct flow of processes, thus hampering the business’ potential, productivity and overall growth. 

Software integration establishes the functionality flows between systems. It helps companies to get a boost in their IT infrastructure as time passes by adding, replacing, or modifying any part of the system without affecting others – making it highly efficient in the long run. For example, if an e-commerce company’s consumer base expands; in that case, integrating inventory management and order optimisation software into an existing enterprise system will help the company to meet the growing demand effectively.

AvoTechs offers unsurpassed software integration solutions that communicate seamlessly with legacy and modern third-party systems. We offer an extensive range of enterprise application integration services with proven skills and tested methodologies.

  • Application integration – meticulously integrate without hampering the work of your employees or vendors. 
  • API integration – smoothly integrate customised, open-source, and third-party APIs with your existing system. 
  • Service-oriented architecture for enterprise – design and optimise integrated systems to deploy all services using a business logic interface and support rapid data retrieval and web service interoperability.
  • Data integration – automated data integration to help you merge the data in applications, file formats, and DBMS. 
  • Integration testing solutions – perform various tests to ensure the utmost compatibility and flawless performance of integrated applications.
  • Integration consulting – our system integration consultants explore your existing IT infrastructure, its potential, limitations, and requirements and create solutions to address the requirements at your stipulated budget.

E-commerce integration with in-house software – build an in-house solution tailored to your company’s specific demands, with no unnecessary features to slow down your operations. The system can be used within your firm exclusively and your team is only in charge of its routine maintenance.

What Will You Get with Software Integration?

Software integration allows a faster, accurate and economical way to exchange data which helps in building strong digital relationships with clients and extending existing services to new customers. When you have an integrated organisation you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Increased transparency

When companies store all relevant information in a unified system, employees can track and manage the most accurate information from the digital ecosystem. This leads to quicker response times among a company's departments and its external partners, resulting in smoother and neat operations.

Better optimisation

When you integrate new software into your existing tech infrastructure, you'll make systems talk to each other efficiently. Integrations often work in the background, so you don't need additional interaction. By allowing information to travel faster, organisational time can be cut dramatically, and you can optimise your work from 4 hours per day to less than 1 minute.

Better data exchange between systems

Secure and efficient data exchange between systems is critical to your organisation's long-term viability. Data loss, data breaches, and overlapped databases are all caused by the manual movement of data. Integrated systems provide real-time data because of synchronisation, resulting in a better data flow.

Quicker business processes

Customers do not like to wait. They prefer fast response and prompt service. Software integration ensures swift business processes, ensuring the clients of small businesses and big corporations are served in a flash.

Cost reduction

Accessing data from unsynchronised databases is erroneous. Integrated systems synchronise databases, which in turn minimises the errors. Without software integration, employees would have to input the information manually, escalating the risk of human error and costing the company extra time and labour expenses.

Unremitting employee productivity

When software or systems are integrated, they form a centralised environment, making business processes smart and productive. Employees can perform their tasks without any help or familiarity with the systems - no more flawed operations.

Image showing integration of laptops, desktops, watches and phones

We Harmonise Old And New Technologies To Outperform

Whether it’s human or technology, both need to talk! Our IT experts will harmonise all your systems to ensure smooth workflow. AvoTechs will analyse your software asset, re-engineer apps available in the silos and integrate them to provide a far broader range of scalability to your entire system. 

We bridge the gap between off-the-shelf software and organisation’s technology to make them work in harmony. Depending on the existing architecture, software integration may be a more cost-effective solution than building custom software from scratch. Our integration services allow you to focus on core areas imperative for outperforming your competitors and carrying-out exponential growth.

Software Integration Doesn’t Have To Be A Hassle with AvoTechs

Our gamut of software integration services helped many businesses to manage multiple operations simultaneously, test new technologies, and obtain valuable information without the cost of hiring dedicated developers and integrators. Read our case studies that demonstrate our expertise to get on with successful projects.


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Why Choose AvoTechs As Your Software Integration Service Provider?

AvoTechs preens itself to become the most reliable software company in Poland. We have a brilliant team that helps our clients to bridge the gap across their software stack with integration.

We help you deal with system integration complexities so that you can enjoy integrated management and flexible operations and increase your company’s profitability.

Here’s what you’ll enjoy working with AvoTechs:

  • Strong expertise – Our team can provide you with professional consulting on your integration project.
  • Predicted outcomes – We adhere to well-defined delivery processes to ensure our clients that we deliver their projects on time and at a moderate budget. 
  • Project control – We provide our clients a unique customer experience to monitor their projects, track changes, and access the project and financial documentation under one roof.
  • Free strategy – We have a good option for those having no idea how to start an integration project. Our experts can provide a step-by-step approach to kick off integration in your system.
  • Confidentiality of your data – We ardently follow best practices to keep your data and information confidential at every stage while integrating your systems.
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If you are an already developed, large-scale company, you should opt for in-house software as a corporate entity for your organisation.

However, smaller businesses prefer software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. These are cloud-based applications that are centrally hosted, scale with their business, and are typically sold on a subscription basis.

The following are the most common SaaS systems that businesses often utilise.

  • Inventory management software
  • Inventory ordering optimisation
  • Employee management and scheduling software
  • Online document signing solutions
  • Point-of-sale systems
  • Reporting and analytics tools

At AvoTechs, we’ll help you choose the necessary software architecture to integrate. Does that sound too complex or out of budget? Don’t worry, we’ll suggest some pre-built integration software for your business.

One of the benefits of bringing your e-commerce operations in-house is that the solution is tailored to your unique needs. We have a dedicated crew to immediately address problems as they arise. If something goes wrong, your company will be able to fix it internally without having to worry about time zones or distant personnel. An in-house e-commerce solution may also save you a lot of money, especially if you’re just getting started. You may not be able to afford it at first, but this could eventually become one of the most profitable investments you ever make.
Your business probably doesn’t need integration of every element of your databases – don’t try to mix things; figure out the logic behind it. At Avotechs, we’ll detect your business’ particular needs and the potential your current IT infrastructure has. Our integration services won’t only bring your applications close by but also your team.