Node.js Software Development Services

Get scalable and performant software your customers will enjoy with our Node.JS development services. At AvoTechs, our veteran Node.JS development team will build fast yet adept server-side products with the richest functionality and peak performance. It’s an excellent opportunity for businesses to accelerate their production at a minimum cost.

What is Node.js?

Node.JS is an open-source server environment based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine that runs on diverse platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc. It uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model to develop agile, highly-scalable, data-heavy, and real-time applications that are fully compatible with cloud services and prevent crashes after traffic spikes. Online gaming and complex single-page applications are also in the mix.


You can efficiently scale Node.js servers to handle thousands of requests per second without expensive hardware and additional hosting costs. This lightweight, multi-purpose, dynamic, and utterly versatile JavaScript environment outshines many other technologies. As a result, companies can take advantage of Node.Js solutions to abate expenses, attain scalability, transparency, improve user experience, and increase loading speed.

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Node.js as backend

Node.Js provides a runtime environment for running JavaScript code at the backend. In 2009, the technology made its humble beginning in the world of backend development by bringing JavaScript to the server-side. It revolutionized backend web development and expanded the overall JavaScript ecosystem.

You might be running your frontend with JavaScript. But you can reuse Node.Js code on both ends and stay coherent across whole system levels. 

Some backend use cases of Node.js include web applications demanding multiple concurrent requests, frequent shuffling of data, and those utilising artificial intelligence.

Our Node.JS Development Solutions

Our ingenious Node.js developers are acquainted with all the latest Node.JS modules. They conduct successful Node.js software projects and attend IT conferences and webinars to stay updated with the technology. We can develop:

  • Powerful and intuitive CMS for content editors.
  • Social media applications.
  • High-performance enterprise apps.
  • Streaming apps like Netflix.
  • Ecommerce apps.
  • Online Payment systems like PayPal.
  • Real-time dashboards.
  • Interactive mobile apps.
  • Efficient APIs for web and mobile.
  • Serverless apps.
  • Scalable microservices
  • Faster development cycles of complex and large-scale SDLC apps
  • Customisation as per clients’ requests with 35% lesser code

Why Node.JS is the first choice of AvoTechs

Node.JS has been trending recently with the increasing demand to scale up business operations. It is the Software House’s sweetheart because of its rich ecosystem, fast processing, event-based models, and seamless JSON support. Node.JS software development means:

Peak performance

Node.JS is built on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript Engine, so its library swiftly executes code.


Node.js makes the server immensely scalable than traditional servers because it uses a single-threaded program to deliver service to a greater number of requests.

Optimised costs

Node.js powers 20 million sites, dipping development costs by up to 58%. You can adopt it to drive spending and cost reduction while capitalising on business value.

Engage with Node.JS Developers Adept In All Latest Frameworks

Our developers are cognizant of all major Node.JS software development frameworks. They write highly testable and maintainable code to build scalable applications focused on quality and productivity.  We use MVC, Full-Stack MVC, and REST API frameworks to build high-performance software to deliver a better user experience without wasting time or burning extra cash.

Project in trouble?

Our Latest Node.js Projects


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Why choose AvoTechs for Node.js Development Services?

When you choose the wrong technology to create your next software project, it will reduce the chances of your success. Our team uses the advanced versions of Node.Js technology and tools with a great functioning rate and dynamic database. With our services, you can keep abreast of the project without having to dig into the processes. At AvoTechs,

  • We practice Agile approach
  • Deliver 100% client satisfaction
  • Invest in attracting and retaining top talents. 
  • Always think of the end-user to create exceptional experiences.

Kick-Off New Business Opportunities with Our Node.JS Solutions

At AvoTechs, we design an esoteric logical approach to the customised needs of your requirements. Keeping superior-quality parameters has been at the heart of our service for years. We love to lend our ears to drive the growth of your business with technology. Our Node.JS software development services will grant you exceptional convenience and great potential for your business success.

Want your business to benefit from Node.js solutions? 

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Let’s figure out the best possible solution.

Node.js provides a rich library of JavaScript modules to simplify the development process to a great extent. In addition, it offers two-way connections, where both the client and server can initiate communication, allowing them to exchange data freely.
Absolutely yes! If you’re a startup, you need to make sound technical decisions to ensure the long-term scalability of your business. And choosing a programming platform as per its speed, scalability, ease of coding, professional support, and optimised costs is imperative for your growth. Node.Js. is the champion among the server-side languages and startups show convincing preference to it. It has the most versatile back-end environment that offers excellent flexibility supporting the nascent requirements of a growing startup.

Consider skill-sets of the developers, the company’s portfolio, its previous clients, and how the company manages client-relationship to choose the best Node.JS software development company. At AvoTechs, we have the best team to meet your business requirements.

Yes, for sure. Our team will assist you in selecting the right technology that’s cost-efficient, future-ready, meets your business objectives, and fits well in your existing IT ecosystem.
We would love to. In cases where a different software company has worked/is working on the project, our software architects will thoroughly check the existing documentation, assess the scope, man-hours required. Once we figure out all the ins and outs of the project, we’ll start working on it.