React Native Development Services

Seize the most value in the least time and achieve business efficiency that directly impacts the bottom line with our React Native software development services. We create cross-platform applications with crisp design and splendid user experience to help our clients cut project budgets and timelines fairly well. With the right tools and battle-tested methodologies, we ensure your applications deliver recurring exceptional value to your customers. Whether you need the next ride-sharing system, or anything mobile-worthy, make the right choice with React Native.

What is React Native?

React Native is an exotic JavaScript framework that uses native UI elements to create first-rate cross-platform applications for Android, iOS, Web & UWP. Facebook released the framework in 2015 as an open-source project. It is now supported by a large community of software developers and software companies. React Native is written with a mixture of JavaScript and JXL and can neatly communicate with JavaScript-based threads and native app threads.

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What makes React Native unique?

Its ‘code once, use everywhere’ approach makes React Native popular among developers and software companies. Leveraging React Native is like hitting two birds with one stone – you can save 30%-35% of the development time and budget on building iOS and Android apps compared to developing them the traditional way. Just write the code once in JavaScript and deploy it to different platforms – your app will use the same native platform APIs as other apps do. 

Moreover, React Native doesn’t render WebViews in its code. It runs on actual, native views and components. It renders styles with Javascript instead of CSS so developers can write a single set of styles and apply it to both native mobile and web.

Code reusability

We can create one codebase and build near native apps for both Android, iOS, and web platforms. We don't need to synchronise features and layouts. In this way, we can develop faster and give our clients more out of their budget.

Faster and more cost-effective developments

We deploy cross-platform applications faster as they are considered single projects, even though they support different devices. Cross-platform applications save 40% of the total development cost than native apps. Plus, the single codebase benefit reduces maintenance costs, as well.

The best-in-class feel of the app

We can build excellent user interfaces, a rich variety of features and a sexy feel of the app. We ensure that every piece of the UX design looks fresh and tempting.

Hot reloading

It allows us to modify the UI components, update the app to new versions, and immediately view changes on a page without creating a new build every time. We'll be spared from rebuilding the entire app. No extra waiting for native builds to finish. Just save, see, and repeat.

Custom native module development

React Native runs in a native context to enhance the apps with native code—open-source or custom modules—to make the apps multifunctional. We can create functionalities like background geolocation or Bluetooth communication as per your particular business requiremen

Time and resource savings

With React Native, one team can maintain two platforms and share a common technology—React. We don't need two development teams for two different platforms.

Software solutions we build with React Native

Our React Native experts know how to engineer seamless software projects that require complex user interfaces and powerful features. We understand the pain points to build the utmost viable platform that delivers exceptional user experience and engage your customers throughout their journey.

Just have a glance at what software solutions we can do with this technology.

  • API & migrations.
  • Full-cycle software product development 
  • MVP development – build your product in iterations while keeping your overheads low. 
  • Web app development
  • Custom native modules development
  • Automated end-to-end testing
  • React Native UI/UX app
  • Tablet app development
  • Technical audit
  • Proactive support and maintenance to ensure your app runs smoothly without any downtime.

Android & iOS App Development with React Native

A successful mobile app intelligently combines three aspects: your products, your users, and your company’s requirements. We build innovative iOS and Android applications aligned with your organization’s needs. Our Android/iOS app developers work together to create slick, smooth and responsive user interfaces that are a joy to use for various industries and use-cases. React native development offers a raft of benefits. At AvoTechs, we embrace this most loved web framework for many reasons:

Engage with veteran React Native developers

React Native development requires skilled programmers who write code with clarity, consider the behaviour of users, and follow a unique approach to UI/UX to build better mobile applications. Our React Native developers harness the power of Javascript knowledge to understand the flow of apps and add new UI components accordingly. They can integrate React Native databases with iOS/Android apps relatively well to help visionary startups and agile enterprises own disruption in this digital era.

Our Latest React Native Projects

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Why choose AvoTechs for React Native Software Development Services?

We work hard to help our clients reach their business goals and stay ahead in the competition. With a solid experience of React Native technologies under our belt, we create applications that perfectly fit your business needs. At AvoTechs, we keep you in the loop about the project status, send demos after each sprint, and follow a strategic approach to complete your projects in a result-oriented manner.

At AvoTechs,

  • We practice the Agile approach
  • Always think of the end-user and create an impactful user experience.
  • Follow battle-tested processes to help you quickly adapt to changes while staying on track.
  • Invest in attracting and retaining top talents. 
  • Deliver 100% client satisfaction

Capitalise On The Growing Mobile Market with AvoTechs

Do you want to be proactive in the mobile market to retain your users and fulfill their needs? Want to release your new application with room for testing new features without hurting the backend? We shall help you. But there can be one effect – a beautiful cross-platform application with native UX. 

Are you ready to hit the next breakthrough application with React Native?

Mobile phone with multiple communication channels - likes, loves, twitter, sounds, notifications
Just like ReactJS Virtual DOM, React Native creates an internal tree-shaped structure of the rendered UI components. This structure helps with identifying each layout change and optimising the rendering process. Developers use the declarative API of React JS in their JavaScript source code and translate later to fully native components for cross-platforms. Working on such a high level of abstraction improves productivity and leads to unified development for all platforms.
React Native allows developers to use a set of UI components to compile and launch iOS and Android apps quickly. React uses some HTML and CSS, whereas React Native allows the use of native mobile user interface elements.
Big (really big!) Players in the market use React Native and actively support it. Popular examples include Facebook, Instagram, Shopify, Skype, Pinterest, Uber Eats, Discord, and Salesforce.
React Native isn’t a web browser environment; it always operates in a native context – easily combined with fully native code as per your requirements. React Native allows us to write almost 100% of your codebase in JavaScript if your app doesn’t require native features. However, React Native is not appropriate for game development.
React Native is blazingly fast and significantly spurs the software development process. It allows developers to do many valuable tweaks to the development workflow. They can make changes to the app’s source code without having to reassemble it.
Whenever we take on a new mobile app project, we first discuss with our team what tech stack will be the best fit to build the app with all the required features in a particular time frame. React Native will always give you some native code, so the primary question is: how native will it be? To determine that, we’ll decide which particular features should be fully native and built from scratch, which should be done using React Native with open-source modules, or which parts of the app should rather be developed the cross-platform way. Based on our experience, we’ll advise you which approach is perfect and give you the most attractive price-to-quality ratio.
There’s no fixed period as it primarily depends on the complexity and model. In general, it will take 5 to 8 weeks to complete a project based on the customisation, integration, functionality, and rich UX.
The amount depends on the complexity of your project. If you’re not sure about the details of your software architecture, we can assist you in choosing the right tech stack. For further information on pricing, you can visit our pricing page.
You can downsize the team or drift development entirely back in-house at any time. By all means, we’ll work with your existing team and bring in a fresh perspective with greater scalability in your React Native project however you see fit.