Software Consulting Services

Our software consulting services will help you ditch the clunky software that negatively impacts the business. At AvoTechs, we’ll augment your existing software applications, technology stack, business ecosystem and financial objectives to evaluate a strategy that helps you achieve your business vision. From assisting with new software planning, designing the software architecture and managing an ongoing project to assigning dedicated software consultants, we’ll handle things in a better way. We can also give a boost to implementation projects delivered by other companies. Our consulting services will help you think fresh, innovate faster, and save money.

It refers to delivering expert opinions in the software space to businesses (for a fee) to improve their productivity and solve problems they are facing. 

In business, any decision can influence the success of the project. And which software can match perfectly with the technological potential of an organisation and bring better business results is a crucial decision to make. Software consultants are experts with a deep understanding of software development trends and technologies. They can stipulate concrete solutions and propose ideas regarding the correct software you need as per your company’s ecosystem and your target audience. Moreover, they can design a software architecture that delivers greater flexibility and saves you money in the long term (on development and maintenance).

Software architecture is the set of structures needed to reason about the system, which comprises software elements, relations among them, and properties of both. It represents the design decisions related to overall system structure and behaviour. 

A software system is usually too complex for employees to fully understand, offers too many risks, and you cannot identify when it could crash or produce bad output. A well-designed software architecture simplifies the problem by highlighting risk factors that may hamper the system. It helps stakeholders understand and analyse how the system will achieve scalability, availability, security and time and cost savings in many years to come. 

An effective software architecture serves as the conceptual glue that holds every phase of the project together, flattens the learning curve and enables rapid product delivery. From designing a new system, evolving an existing one, or modernising a legacy system, software consultants can help determine the approaches that will yield an acceptable solution. Plus, you can also make different choices for your business: Microservices vs monolith vs serverless, Cloud or on-premise, custom-built extensions or re-use of existing.

We are always on the lookout for a better way to accelerate your growth. Our software consultant services will enrich your operational efficiencies, maximise your ROI and convert your idea into reality with minimum investment. We can even help you before you’ve written a single line of code on your project. Our services include:

  • Market research
  • Contemplate problems
  • Evaluate the technical potential of your business
  • Identification of the right technology stack to expand your business
  • Functional specification of software solution
  • Software launch consulting
  • Audit quality of work
  • Software enhancement consulting
  • Redefine the software architecture
  • Educate and train your team for complex technical challenges

We Guide You to Your Full Potential

AvoTechs devise technology opportunities that your business might be lacking. We’ll help you assess diverse technology strategies and get the most out of your software development investments. To encourage you to accomplish your goals, we work on the following tasks:


Our experienced software consultants evaluate your business requirements and gather information to foresee the consequences of any technology adoption and investment. Our team will discuss the feasibility of the system and what opportunities it may bring to the business


We further analyse the current technologies and how they can be migrated to new platforms without interrupting the existing workflow.

Defining technological strategy

After deep analysis, our team designs a roadmap and strategy that drive the company into a new technological transformation. We shall help your business de-clutter your software infrastructure and set KPIs for the latest technology.

Designing architecture

Every software system has an architecture that reduces the risks of system failures and fruitless business decisions. We develop or redefine the system's architecture to mitigate the risks early in the development process.

Project setup/Implementation

We also handle implementation projects and build the new software following the industry's best practices to help you garner optimum results.

Testing for improvements

There is always room for improvements in software. It needs to be updated with the latest technologies so you can get a first-mover advantage. Our consulting team will always be there to test existing systems and ensure they are working fine and drive business value.

2 people sitting at a desk discussing software topics

Connect with Experienced Software Consultants

Technology is in constant revolution and provides new opportunities for businesses to grow multifold. An experienced team of software consultants can help you see all those possibilities in your existing tech stack and design a scalable strategy that aligns your company’s budget and vision.

At AvoTechs, we help you maximise the potential of software in your business so you can reach your goals more effectively. We wash out all the defects in your existing system – if it’s slowing down the functioning of your business and not offering expected value. 

Our team holds technological expertise and industry best practices to help you see the big picture. We’ll help you prioritise your business needs depending on your customer base and your tech stack and devise a plan that will make you see long-term business success. Not only immediately but in the longer term too.

It’s time to get real results. 

Why Choose AvoTechs For Software Consulting?

As your business expands, the complexity in your tech stack rises, requiring the assistance of tech specialists to help address the emanating difficulties. With the creative input of our experienced software consultants, you may uncover gaps or possibilities for developing new systems that your internal team might be unaware of.

At AvoTechs, 

  • We bridge the gap between the technical team and business owners
  • Modernise legacy systems 
  • Manage an ongoing project to take the burden off the client’s shoulders
  • Provide dedicated Software consultants
  • Enable agile, iterative development
  • Deliver 100% client satisfaction

Envision, Lead, and Execute with Confidence

Do you want the smooth functioning of your system? Need a second opinion on new technology? Want a futuristic platform that outmanoeuvres uncertainty, escalates your business and delivers growth? Let us take you there.

We serve as a catalyst for reflection and rethinking current practices to empower businesses to expand confidently. Our software consulting services will aid in a successful migration to new systems that positively impact your business performance and outcomes.

Let’s take your business to a new level and turn ideas into profits.

Software consulting comes into play when a company desires to build or upgrade existing software to automate its business operations and expand its reach with more software products without investing in purchasing tools or hiring dedicated developers/technical teams. With Software consulting services, businesses can save time and money and get the best ideas to upscale with minimal investment.
Software consultants figure out the weak spots and help you design the roadmap of a successful software product for your desired industry use case. They can also analyse your existing system and find possibilities for implementing new technologies to make it more efficient. In contrast, software developers convert those ideas discussed during consulting into reality by writing a clear, coherent code for a respective software solution.
Software development is a costly process, and before you buckle down and invest all of your resources, you must consult with experts. Whether you’re at the initial stages of the project or almost completed, software consultants can help you tweak or start from scratch. Software consulting services are generally cost-effective(the company doesn’t need to buy all the programming tools), help minimise downtime, improve productivity and offer more time tofocus on core business operations. Also, a good software consulting team can rest assured that your software gets updated and upgraded over time without any added investment.
Yes, surely. AvoTechs has a team of tech enthusiasts who can take care of all your It issues. We provide dedicated consultants to handle every project to perfection.