Mobile App Development Services

Make your customers’ experience genial by delivering them what they want on the spot – they’re no longer living by the web alone. With mobile applications, you can adhere to anytime anyplace usability requirements of your customers and accelerate the overall productivity of your business. At AvoTechs, we create intuitive, lightweight, and functional mobile applications by channeling your business values and users’ mentality. From banking and shopping on the go to fitness tracking and locating the shortest route, We’ll build an app for every need.

It’s a type of small application software built to run on a mobile device (a smartphone or tablet) for a particular purpose. Mobile applications serve as a means of communication with brands and services they use daily. Businesses use mobile applications to simplify customer activities at all levels and supply the end-user with the most refined experience.

A type of software that possesses all tools developers need to rapidly build, test and deploy a mobile application in a single environment. Most platforms are geared toward creating iOS or Android applications, but some offer an environment with native tools to build cross-platform applications. A business can either build its own platform or use a third-party product such as AWS mobile SDK, Android studio, iOS SDK, etc.

Mobile app development tools use cutting-edge mobile technologies to help developers quickly produce multiple mobile applications with pristine user experience. These include open source app development tools(Appcelerator, RhoMobile, etc.), cross-platform or hybrid tools (Flutter, Ionic, etc.) and native mobile app development tools(React Native, Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, etc.) In simple terms, these tools are like paintbrushes for an artist – all come down to personal preference.

An iOS app is a mobile application built for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users by adhering to Apple’s human interface guidelines and iOS programming best practices(Objective-C or Swift). After development, an iOS app faces a stringent quality review process and is then deployed to the App Store for users to download. Businesses launch multiple iOS apps with thoughtful features to reach more target users and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

An Android app is a software application written in Kotlin, Java, or C++ to run on smartphones and a tablet PC running on the Android operating system. These applications are designed to deliver a seamless experience, clear layouts and impressive journeys to accommodate more than a billion active users worldwide. Apps are typically distributed through Google Play Store for users to download on their mobile devices.

Our Process To Build Mind-Blowing Mobile Applications

We translate your idea into a prodigious, user-friendly mobile application by analysing the future mobile app’s competitive market and assessing the pros and cons. We’ll work side-by-side with you and set the timeline for development.

Our development begins with a straightforward discussion to get familiar with your awe-inspiring app ideas. We coordinate with you and dive deep into your business ecosystem to ensure a holistic digital solution that revolves around your customers


After cultivating innovative and cohesive strategies, we create wireframes and design interactions to define the logic behind the entire app.


Our experienced designers then create interactive design concepts for the perfect visualisation of the user journey - graphic images, icons, etc. - ensuring that they evince your business identity.


Our talented developers code the app to flesh out designs into a functional program. We guarantee our creative mobile application solutions to provide users with a unique experience.


After development, our quality assurance team rigorously tests the app to check if it works as intended, is highly secure, or has no bugs.


Once we are confident that the app is ready to make it to the App Store or Google Play Store, we submit it there for your customers to download and start generating benefits for your business.

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Engage with Expert Mobile App Developers

At AvoTechs, we have a team of skilled app developers, testers, and UI-UX designers who use a progressive approach to mobile development. We leverage next-gen app programming technologies, intelligent algorithms and modern UI to build functional, fluid, and user-friendly iOS apps, Android apps and fully native apps – if such need arises. With React Native, we reuse as much of the code as possible to optimise the time and funds needed to build an app.

At AvoTechs, our team will help you get closer to success by disrupting the highly-regulated mobile application industry. 

Ready to hit your next crowd-pleasing app?

Why Do Businesses Need Mobile Applications?

Mobile apps continue to outpace other applications because of their increasing demand. They have changed how we communicate, shop, play, travel and maintain environmental sustainability. Today, there are many billion-dollar apps in the market that generate incredible amounts of wealth and value by doing the amazing things they are built to do. Creating an app now may bring enormous business opportunities with billion-dollar success.

Mobile applications can help businesses to:

  • Increase Sales – Being visible to your customers at all times is the best way to boost sales. Mobile apps can help you connect with your mobile-centric customers who spend more than 2.5 hours daily on their smartphones. It can optimise business logic and increase the level of approachability of your customers to you. 
  • Improve stickiness – Mobile apps are better suited for user retention and re-engaging with them. It’s always on your customers’ home screen and they are always logged in, allowing you to notify them about new deals/products/events and pulling them back into the app. 
  • Build real-time collaborations – A mobile app is a valuable tool for the modern business to involve in effective, real-time collaborations and make dynamic decisions. 
  • Brand exposure: Mobile applications have made it easier for customers to remain connected with their favourite brands and get business information at the speed of light. They help businesses expand their reach while bringing relevant and massive brand exposure. 

The importance of mobile app development in business is very palpable and as a business owner, you can’t afford to ignore its benefits.

Our Mobile App Development Solutions

It’s time to bring mobility to your business with the next blockbuster mobile app or forever fade into oblivion. Explore what we intend to bring to the table:

  • Android applications
  • iOS applications
  • Native mobile applications
  • Apps for a wide range of industries – retail, healthcare, geolocation, environmental sustainability, FinTech, EdTech, etc.
  • Apps to store data in the Cloud, communicate with connected home devices, handle user requests with voice technology
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Our Bespoke Mobile Application Projects

Possessing extensive experience in custom mobile application development, we have built invigorating mobile application solutions tailored to the goals and expectations of our customers. We follow a transparent development process to create apps in short sprints and offer excellent quality, price, and communication ratio.

Explore our previous projects and know why we are good to go.

Why Build Mobile Applications with AvoTechs?

AvoTechs is a reliable mobile app development company to reckon the success of your mobile app development projects without compromising on quality. We follow an immaculate development strategy to verbalise clear objectives and add exceptional value to your business. 

Imagine how millions of users worldwide enjoy using your app on their smartphones and tablets. Your new app idea might disrupt the mobile app market like Whatsapp, Uber, King, and Instagram. Who knows? 

Ready to bring your app idea to life?

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It depends upon the interaction of customers with your product/service. If your customers communicate daily with your business, you should launch a mobile app to make that process easier. 82% of enterprises have achieved desired business growth and increased revenue with a professional mobile app.
iOS and Android apps share 97% of the global mobile market. Both operating systems will bring lucrative shares – the choice will depend on your end goals and audience as per your business model. Android has the most outstanding global market share and gets more app downloads than iOS, but iOS users tend to exhibit greater engagement rates and spending on in-app purchases. In addition, Android apps witness popularity in lower-income and developing countries, while iOS users are typically younger with higher incomes, more education, and live in North America and Western Europe. So, if your target audience is in the higher-income category and you want to monetise from in-app purchases, go with iOS apps. If you’re going to approach a broader market share and plan to monetise through advertising, Android will be your choice.
Extracting the best mobile app development company from the crowd may be painstaking. Look for the one with a proven track record and a diversified portfolio, a company with expertise in mobile programming language and can code for iOS, Android, and full native apps. We have the strength in UX/UI design and are willing to dabble with new technologies in mobile app development.
The price of a mobile application varies as per the features, complexity, and the chosen platform for app development. For straightforward apps with limited features, the price will be lower than advanced mobile applications similar to Uber. For pricing and other details, you can contact our team.